Sophia Turns Two!

This wonderful little girl is one year older.

She's had quite the range of experiences throughout the past 365 days.

Watch this video to catch a glimpse of her second year.

Dear Sophia,

This letter is from, as you call us, "Ma-Da."

We've been so impressed with your growth over this past year. You've become one smart little cookie.

In the previous 365 days, we've watched you go from crawling to walking to running. And now your parents can barely keep up with you.

Some of the more memorable days have been exploring the outdoors with you, introducing you to new things, and enjoying the endless hugs and kisses we love to share with you.

You are so kind. You clearly love life. And your determination to learn new things, gives us hope that you will be a very remarkable human being. It's very heartwarming to see the early signs of who you will become.

As you go through the next phases of life, we will try our best to give you good experiences, fill you with positivity, and be available to support you mentally and physically as you transition from a bubbly toddler to an adventurous little kid.

In the coming year, we promise to continue to shower you with love and we will go on many more funventures.

You are an amazing little girl, Sophia. Daddy and Mommy love you!

With Love,

Mommy and Daddy


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